Health & Safety Policy

Etera is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for workers and contract workers by identifying and eliminating hazards and reducing risk to as low as can be achieved.

Our clients, workers and partners share a common certainty about Etera: safety is paramount.

Safety is more than a policy at Etera, it’s the foundation of how we work at our sites, and in our office(s). Regardless of a project’s size, complexity or schedule, safety is our foremost responsibility. We believe that all safety-related incidents are foreseeable, predictable and ultimately preventable. With thoughtful planning and diligent attention to detail, we mitigate risk while fulfilling our commitment to safety for our workers, subcontractors and clients.

Etera is committed to preventing occupational illness and injury by meeting, or exceeding, all regulations while providing a safe and healthy workplace for workers and contractors. Etera continuously strives to achieve excellence in safety performance and to be recognized as an industry leader in injury prevention. Our overall objective is to incur zero high-risk incidents and zero lost time injuries.

The following principles are at the core of Etera’s Health & Safety Program:

• All unsafe incidents are predictable and preventable;
• Management is responsible for providing a safe and health workplace;
• All employees are responsible for health and safety;
• Employee involvement in health and safety is essential; and
• Training to work safely is essential.

To provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, Etera will:

• Develop and implement health and safety programs based on legislation, standards and best practices to ensure that all hazards to health and safety in the workplace are identified and eliminated or controlled and all risks are assessed and reduced as low as possible;
• Take all reasonable precautions to ensure the health & safety of every person;
• Ensure contractors working on Etera projects and sites follow all applicable health & safety legislation, standards, best practices, and rules;
• Consult with employees and implement agreed health & safety improvements and programs;
• Integrate safety planning and practice into all aspects of the operations and projects;
• Ensure hazard identification, assessment, and control is completed for all work;
• Provide safe systems of work to reduce incidents and the risk of injury to workers;
• Provide adequate information, instruction, training, and supervision to ensure all workers can undertake their duties safely;
• Ensure all contractors and sub-contractors are informed and instructed on site safety requirements and have adequate supervision and necessary protective equipment; and
• Provide appropriate resources to implement this policy.
• Everyone has a responsibility to prevent injuries and illness.

Etera accepts responsibility for implementation of the Health & Safety Policy and the success of the Health & Safety Program, providing the safeguards required to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.
Management is accountable for health and safety performance. Management and supervisors are responsible for developing positive attitudes toward health & safety in themselves and their workers.

Management will implement a Health & Safety Management System and obtain input from workers through an effective Occupational Health Committee.

All workers are accountable for working safely and have the right and the responsibility to contribute to safe work. Workers are required to adhere to all aspects of the Health & Safety Program, including compliance with all rules and regulations. They are responsible to continually practice health & safety while performing their duties.

In our commitment to safety, Etera Construction Management has obtained its COR Certification with the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association.

COR Certification

Contractor Safety Requirements